On our walk around Loch Lee just as we were nearing the falls we came upon a group of women , one of whom had fallen and broken her ankle. She was quite elderly and in a bad way and none of us could get a a signal on our mobiles. One of the women was going back to a house we'd spotted on the way up, but in the meantime there was not a lot else we could do. I took of my coat and laid it upon the lady so at least she'd be warm. I had to continue the journey with just a vest and sweat-shirt. On the way back she was still there so I had no choice but to leave my coat with arrangements for getting it back. As we walked on another 100 yards, I suddenly remembered I'd left my car keys in the coat pocket. Imagine if I'd got back to the car without them!!!

Anyway, later on an ambulance was seen going to the house and a couple of landrovers were on the way to help, and just as we got back to the car the air ambulance came chugging overhead.

So my selfless act maybe saved a life. I survived without my coat, maybe the old lady wouldn'tve.


03/13/2010 04:58

Nice work. Most people would have just looked around, see that no-one else is doing anything, and ignored it. +1 for breaking group psychology brau.


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