The legendary PS nights have been going since 1998 when a group of guys(no girls aloud) congregated at Jags pad to play Striker and Quake 3. Since then the membership has diminished until only 2 members still turn up, Jag and Colin. We religiously play PES ? and various other games until 4am, a night full of hilarity, yapping, drinking and comradship. I asked Colin when he thought these PS nights would end and he replied "when one of us dies!"


colin tait
11/10/2008 02:38

pes is the greatest football game ever,you need to work so much harder at it than it's lesser namesake (fifa 2009)but i see you haven't listed your 6-1 thrashing last week ha ha ha!see you Thursday mate.RESPECT!!!

01/11/2009 13:37

oi oi oi there's 3 memebers but im only a part time member so get it bloody sorted and pes is the best bugger this fifa crap

Your Nemesis
08/27/2009 12:46

Maybe the membership would be greater in one if thee had not been BANNED! haha


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