In my line of work I unfortunately have to deal with the general public. Now 85% of these people are fairly civil, level headed human beings. The remaining 15% are the most moaning obnoxious bunch of ape descendants you could wish to meet. The faces of this breed seem to be set in a permanent scowl with downcast mouths and heavy, furrowed brows and whose only joy in life seems to be to cause misery and spread unhappiness wherever they go. They usually write letters of complaint to newspapers or places they've been and use phrases like 'ridiculous', 'conned', 'irate', 'demand', 'I won't be coming back' etc.

You can normally tell these kind of people a mile of, the piggy eyed stare, the inability to string three words together without drooling or swearing, the constant 'no' shaking of the head and they always tend to show up at events that have the word 'free' mentioned somewhere.

A bigger bunch of arseholes you could not wish to meet, there must be a club or a place where they all meet up, oh there is, I forgot, I work there.

Until next time....Fight thee not with monsters, you may become one yourself.



03/18/2009 11:47

Hey uncle jag!!! I hear ya but try being preggers and dealing with the moany faced gits, at least you only have old age to make you less tolerant lol.
P.S we bus drivers drop them off at your up market establishment hehe. see ya soon xx


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