'Tis a dreadful thing to be in pain all day and night my friends.

 All those sports I used to play, tennis, squash, football (goalkeeper and mid-field genius), golf & badminton have come home to roost upon my shoulder. 'Ah yes' the old sports say to me,' remember that great save when you winded yourself and snapped your elbow?, remember that forehand smash to the base-line and that rocket of a first serve that used to send Bro quivering to the door of defeat?, that chip in from 60 yards at the 13th hole at St.Michaels?, those 2 goals u scored in the 2nd half to give the Zeds victory?, that great fingertip 'save of all saves' at the 5-a-sides when the crowd all gushed 'he got a touch to that!'?, and, my final game of football, the first half in goal I kept a clean sheet, then the second half, as a mid-fielder, where I sprayed the ball around the park like a one touch magician and that wonderful side-foot into the corner of the net to win the game. The post match barbeque ceremony had me as man of the match, and with that my sport career ended!.

I went on after that to play a few more games , but the old style had gone, something was missing.Youth!.

So I took slow sports that involved lots of alcohol, snooker and darts. Snooker I found a bit boring, but a night at the darts was great fun, well used to be.

The first darts team I played for were a.........I'm gonna stop right there as I've lost the thread of what I was supposed to be posting about, oh yeah my frozen shoulder.

'Tis a dreadful thing to be in pain all day and night my friends.

The doctor gave me a prescription for Naprosyn(naproxen) 500mg tablets, 56 Gastro-resistant film-coated tablets. Woah! can't wait to start taking them bad boys.

So I's got to take it easy for the next 2 weeks.

Until next time, be good.




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