I've always been fascinated by those old tales of Bigfoot,The Yeti & The Loch ness Monster etc and even the more modern ones like The Beast of Boddin still hold my intrest and I always thought I'd be a great big brave soul who would fight one of these monsters in a heated battle to the death. Well at St.Brides Ring today as the sun was fading I had my chance when this thing appeared in the trees about 40 yards from I was exploring. At first I thought it was a Buzzards nest or something so went to investigate. As I got to within 20 feet the thing bloody well moved and shrieked at me. I shat a big one I can tell you and I ran like a Thompsons Gazelle through the woods. It was like a typical horror movie cliche when I got back to the car, the door was locked, I was fumbling for the keys, then the damned ignition wouldn't start and then I wheel span for what seemed like ages before I eventually got moving. As relief flooded over me and I started to relax did my mobile phone not go off with the thumping drum intro from 'Lust For Life' by Iggy Pop giving me a real fright. Jeezo and Hells' Teeth man, I ain't going back there again.