Bro& I took our Medion camcorders to Aldi for a refund today and Weed tagged along as well. All was going well as we politely told the polish manageress the problems we had with the camera, she was ok until Weed let rip a huge fart and we all started laughing. The woman was not impressed and I thought she said "is he right?", so I replied "yeah he's fine" but what she actually said was "Is there a joke here?" thinking we were taking the mickey. By this time a queue was forming full of tutting pensioners and women with trolley loads of stuff, so Bro came to the rescue with the classic " Yes it's a German product and our computers aren't compatible with it, so can we have our money back please?" This seemed to sway the arguement and a refund was dispensed forthwith. Still laughing we departed the store with many dissapproving looks and a slight smell of curry from Weeds tea from the night before.

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