Honestly, I bought a new DAB radio yesterday but something was wrong with it. It worked fine with the mains plugged in but as soon as I tried the 4 size 'AA' batteries, nothing! So I tried my rechargables in it, nothing, I even went out and bought some duracell extra super dooper powered nicam cells and still nothing. So, I took it back today and had to get a more expensive one as the original model I got had sold out. Not to worry I thought, but when I got home to try out the batteries, the damned thing takes 4 size 'C', so I need to go back out and buy some of them as nothing in my house takes a size 'C' anymore. And all this so I can listen to 'Planet Rock' whilst lying in the garden
It was with great sadness that I threw out a load of old clothes this morning. It wasn't that they didn't fit me anymore, it was more the history of the items that cast a furrowed line upon my fevered brow. The suit I used to wear to work, the old blue jeans that had gone through so many adventures, the lightwear beige golf slacks that I'd played the 'Old Course' in and the winter hooded parka that had saved me from freezing to death at Knockhill race curcuit one cold November day.  All those memories, lost, like tears in rain. Turfed out ignominiously in an old black bin bag
I feel something spiritual is about to happen to me. The signs are all there.My dreams are being guided by my inner-self. To quote the great Jim Morrisson, "I've been down so long, it looks like up to me!". It's hard to explain, but strange dreamlike states prevade my normal nights sleep. I wake up at different hours and come down the stairs and watch a bit of TV or go on the 'pute and something always seems to be there, waiting for me, pertaining to what I've been thinking about. It's like astral signposts, pointing me in the right direction. It's all a bit murky at the moment, but I'm sure only good can come of it! I feel a change is a coming, not to be feared, but ..............(to be continued)
 Went to the Docs on Monday to get some painkillers for my left shoulder and he told me to go get it X-rayed as the tissue and cartilidge has gone soft and I may be heading for a lifetime of agony if I don't get it sorted. He gave me Co-dydramol which is 10mg dihydrocodiene and 500mg paracetamol, helps me sleep!
Bro& I took our Medion camcorders to Aldi for a refund today and Weed tagged along as well. All was going well as we politely told the polish manageress the problems we had with the camera, she was ok until Weed let rip a huge fart and we all started laughing. The woman was not impressed and I thought she said "is he right?", so I replied "yeah he's fine" but what she actually said was "Is there a joke here?" thinking we were taking the mickey. By this time a queue was forming full of tutting pensioners and women with trolley loads of stuff, so Bro came to the rescue with the classic " Yes it's a German product and our computers aren't compatible with it, so can we have our money back please?" This seemed to sway the arguement and a refund was dispensed forthwith. Still laughing we departed the store with many dissapproving looks and a slight smell of curry from Weeds tea from the night before.
I didn't realise there were so many idiots in the world. But alas there seems to be. On-line playing CoDMod2 all I hear is abuse, it's sad that we have the technology to communicate in happy ways to the rest of the world, but all we get is aggro and badkarma.
There are people in this world born with upside down smiles. Forever depressive with no sense of happiness and a bleak outlook on life.
It must eat them up.
Had a crappy xmas and new year as I had the swine flu. It came on xmas eve about 9pm so I had to go to bed and spent the next week delerious and sleeping. I couldn't eat or drink and lost 14llbs! Had to take some time of work, even though I did go in a couple of times, I was just useless and weak as a kitten, pathetic I know, but I've never been so ill in my life.
Anyway, a fortnight later and I'm slowly getting back to normal and it's funny, but whilst I was ill, I lost my internet connection, it was like I was symbiotically intwined with my 'pute.
Well, I've eventually jumped into the 'cyber' world and got myself an X-box live account. This means I can download loads of content for the xbox and demo games before buying. I can also go online and play other people from all over the world, er watch out world!
I played 'Horde' on Gears of war2, which was an amazing experience, talking to people from USA and Spain, although some people can be a bit irritating with abuse and inane comments.
Great fun and if any of you want to make me a 'friend' my handle is jagbetty.

I've given up golf, because of my shoulder, so something has to take it's place. I bought myself a Franchi SAS (single action shotgun) bb gun. There's a great airsoft area about 3 miles from me that's only used on Sunday, so the rest of the week it's free to use. I haven't done any real airsoft battles yet, just 'plinking' (honest, that's the technical term for shooting at things!)
It's a wet miserable start to the day here, just sitting watching the rain pelt down, thinking what to do. Ha! a song just popped into me head...."I'm plinking in the rain, just plinking in the rain!"